About this project

Project Location: Washington, DC

Date project completed: Fall 2010

Project Description:
In 2010, Luther Place Church in Logan Circle, owner of the building, made the congregation-wide decision to convert the historic building from four rental apartments to two rental units and one larger unit to be used as the church’s parsonage.  The two existing units on the first floor and single basement unit were combined as parsonage while the two story unit encompassing the second and third floors was split into two separate units.  The third floor was expanded to match the footprint of the lower floors giving the parsonage three bedrooms and the second and third floor units two bedrooms each.

The building was originally built as residential, but was converted to several different churches over the last 100 years, leaving behind beautiful details highlighting its rich history.  While combining and dividing units to create the end product, careful care was taken to maintain and celebrate these historic details including stained glass and wood work.

The parsonage was designed and built to be completely accessible on the first floor so that any member of the church could visit the home.  The second and third floors have very similar layouts, with minor differences as a result of the central stair and the contemporary additional off the rear of the building on the upper floor.