About this project

Restaurant Location: Washington, DC

Date project completed: Fall 2012

Photographer: Daniel P. Swartz – Revamped Media, Inc.

Total square footage: 4,600 sq. ft.

Number of Seats: 100

Interior Designer: Swatchroom

Project Description:
Within the last few months, the DC nightlife scene has heated up to the likes of New York City and Las Vegas. As a result of this hearty competition, the owners of this prominent DC Nightclub, last renovated a decade ago, went all in on a redesign and rebrand. The original club, wrapped curving white walls and floating curvilinear ceiling plans would be rethought incorporating a high level of sophistication with hints of playfulness, not unlike the DC clientele. With four massive, brass leaning columns taking center stage in the venue’s Great Hall and a more regal vibe, the hotspot evokes the atmosphere of an old fashion library with a touch of glamorous pop radiance.

At the core of the redesign was a reworking of the overall flow. Prior to construction, the patrons entered on the east side, immediately colliding with patrons utilizing the coat room and restrooms. In addition, the VIP Room had become a storage area with low ceilings and poor sound. An abandoned door was brought back to life as a new main entrance into an inviting Reception / Waiting Area in which patrons can check coats or wait for other guests to arrive prior to entering the Great Hall. The front room favors a Hollywood-regency feeling, a fascinating contrast to the Roman elegance feel of the main bar. Ten foot long ethanol fireplaces are built into the walls separating the Reception / Waiting Area and the Great Hall as well as the Great Hall and Restroom corridor. By relocating the entry into the club, larger, varying height VIP Riser Seating has been put in place immediately adjacent to the world’s hottest DJs.

The club’s Great Hall features a black & white checkered floor which compliment it’s deep green walls. Floor-to-ceiling rustic windows play home to hidden leather-bound library books alongside the hustle and bustle of DC’s K Street corridor. A 40 foot wooden bar with four 55 inch TV screens allow for a comfortable backdrop to the multi-level VIP table offerings. The venue has a capacity of 350 people, lending itself to intimate business happy hours, corporate parties, or a night out on the town with top DJ line-ups.