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Education: University of the District of Columbia
About Me: I worked as a photographer in high school for a local newspaper, but later decided to start my own company, Parker Industries. After a small stay in Italy, I discovered who I was. I felt a calling to be something greater, something heroic. By day, I began drafting advanced structures and buildings for Parker Industries created mostly out of Legos and Lincoln Logs. By night, I took to the streets looking for any villain who stood in the way of my Spidey sense. Two weeks of fighting crime and building massive Lego buildings resulted in me waking up in a dumpster outside of an architecture and design studio one day. The owner took pity on me and taught me how to design real buildings. I put my Lego sets and Lincoln Logs aside and became the man I am today. Not the superhero outfit though.
Interests: Climbing buildings, running, dogs, Legos, Lincoln Logs, swindling, co-Avengers, spray paint, Mary Jane Watson, and making my own jewelry.
You should know that: I spend substantial time on making my work perfect, but I only draft in Crayon or finger paint.