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Architectural Associate
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The Catholic University of America – M. Arch
Kent State University – BA Architectural Studies
Kent State University – Minors – Architectural History // Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies.

About Me
Megan’s identity in design has evolved over the last seven years of study and personal experiences to focus largely on the experience of a space. Her thesis’ focus was on creating a homeless resource center within, literally, Franklin Square Park in DC. Her goal was to break down social stigma attached to homelessness through interaction directly caused by her design. Megan has participated in many travel programs including a semester studying in Florence, Italy, and a Design-Build project with the Catholic University of America in Swinford, Ireland.

Painting, horseback riding, books, tennis and naps.

You should know that…Megan worked at a plant nursery in Ohio for several years and knows a lot about plants.