Architectural Associate

Master of Architecture – The Catholic University of America
Master of Science in Sustainable Design – The Catholic University of America
Bachelor of Science Architecture – The Catholic University of America

About Me
At an early age, Joanna was introduced to the built environment by her parents, a real estate agent and an engineer, and continued to build a foundation for design at The Catholic University. Joanna has a desire to create unique and personalized spaces in which people interact with most.  This passion led her to the world of residential; where she is most inspired by the small details of everyday life and how we as designers can positively influence the way people respond to their surroundings. Through her career she has expanded that vision to not only the built environment but the natural as well. Joanna believes that intertwining sustainable practices with innovative design produces an incredible outcome.

Baking, the great outdoors, traveling, restoring furniture

You should know that… Joanna was on the CUA swim team, and still holds four individual school records.