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Interior Designer
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Virginia Commonwealth University – BFA Interior Design

About Me
Jessi is a self-taught graphic designer and had really always intended to go into the graphic design field, but by happenstance, she landed in the interior design world and hasn’t looked back but instead looks forward to the opportunity to integrate the two in her work. Her ultimate goal is to work on restaurants and hotels and understand the relationship between people and spaces. While interior design is her main focus, stencil art is her secret passion. She has participated in professional shows in her hometown, Richmond, as well as DC, and her work has been displayed in Australia. Jessi firmly believes that the skills she has learned and will continue learning transcend across all avenues of artistic expression.

stencil art, street art and murals, corgis, octopuses, upcycling, anatomy, concerts

You should know that…Britney Spears is her guilty pleasure.