Architectural Associate

The Catholic University of America, DC – BA Arch
Newschool of Architecture & Design. San Diego – M Arch

About Me
Dean elected to pursue a career in architecture and design at an early age, having discovered an aptitude for spatial comprehension within the 97th percentile. Following his graduation from university, Dean was thrust into a fast-paced design firm where he discovered his passion for hospitality design. In subsequent years he has had the privilege to have designed and built nearly 100 restaurants and retail stores nationwide, even spending time in-house at a national restaurant group. This experience has given Dean insight into the needs of restauranteurs and operators which he is now able to impart to clients to create spaces that not only look great but function well too.

Dean spent his childhood in Europe where he acquired a taste for both classical and modern architecture. He prides himself in approaching each project with care, patience, and creativity and consistently seeks to exceed the expectations of his clients at every turn.

Farmer’s markets, Cooking, Playing guitar, Mixing the perfect cocktail, Hunting for vintage blues/jazz records, Tacos

You should know that…Dean has sampled foods such as Cui (Guinea Pig) in Peru, Zebra in Kenya, and fried grasshoppers in Mexico.

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