Architectural Associate

Bachelor’s in Fine Arts – University of Puerto Rico Recinto de Rio Piedras
Master of Architecture – Florida International University

About Me
Christina has always been interested in the arts. She has taken belly dancing lessons, played the flute in high school and took a few drama classes in college. But her main focus has always been drawing and design. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in abstract drawing, and from there went on to obtain her Master of Architecture degree at Florida International University in Miami. Her artwork is over saturated with color and textures that have influenced her appreciation for symmetry / asymmetry, use of voids / solids and an array of shapes and forms that are the basis of architecture and serve as inspiration in her designs. For her, architecture is a functional work of art that everyone gets to experience and enjoy, and hopefully stands the test of time.

Drawing, Reading Fantasy Novels, Visiting Art / Architecture Museums, Listening to Heavy Metal, Traveling, Cooking

You should know that…Christina has a photographic memory for numbers.

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