Architectural Associate

Bachelors in Architecture – Universidad de Mendoza. School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University, Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center. Consortium Exchange Program

About Me
Agustina has always been a very creative person, drawn to art and to making or fixing things. He mother is an architect as well, so she grew up with architecture and design and was always curious about it. Throughout the years she found that she is the happiest in a collaborative environment where she can build on other people’s ideas and vice versa, and architecture gives her the opportunity to do that.

She spent the 1st 8+ years of her career working as a designer of healthcare architecture projects with a focus on exterior building design, sustainability and resilient design.

As a designer, she aspires to improve communities and the built environment through thoughtful, functional and sustainable architecture.

Watercolor, travel, sustainability and green living, apartment gardening, art history and weird science facts

You should know that…Agustina comes from one of the world’s wine capitals and from a family of wine makers, so she knows a lot about wine and wine design. Also, she makes killer empanadas.

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