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BFA in Interior Architecture – The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
MS in Interior Design – Florida State University

About Me
From a young age Abby was always drawn to the world of design. In college, she realized what really captured her attention was the impact that design can have on people within the space. She feels that design allows for the innate ability to create spaces in the built environment that impact occupants experiences, memories, and relationships which is truly impactful. She has had the opportunity to study both architecture and design abroad in Australia, as well as do a fair amount of traveling worldwide which has provided her with an even broader outlook on design possibilities. For her thesis project in graduate school Abby focused on hospitality design, specifically within hostels. She explored, researched, and designed for the relationship and the experience that is created in a hostel by elevating the communal and social aspects to blend with the comfort and luxury that is provided by a well branded hotel. Abby is intrigued by the materiality and moments that happen within a space and loves the journey throughout the entire design process, from initial concept design all the way to the final product.

Traveling, naps, petting every dog she comes into contact with, hiking, competitive games of air hockey, and any food with lots of cheese

You should know that…Abby’s typical sandwich consists of mayonnaise with a side of bread.